• Abatement Equipment & Vaccum Monitoring Systems

    If you have a large number of products you need to monitor continuously, or even a small number on those mission critical processes where uptime is critical, consider our FabWorks Intelligent Monitoring System.

    FabWorks-iMS is a web-enabled remote monitoring package for Edwards vacuum and abatement products. It is also possible to connect third party equipment. Screens and reports on monitored pumps and abatement systems are viewable across an intranet. By adding a secure internet connection this capability can be extended to authorised external users. Smart Alert management allows users to select who gets what message and during what times (with selectable output to SMS, Pager or e-mail).

    Edwards Advanced Diagnostic Services (EADS) runs on the FabWorks-iMS platform and offer multi-parameter algorithms to anticipate the onset of process related issues in vacuum pump and abatement equipment.  These services can significantly reduce costs and improve productivity by: minimising the number of production scrap and unplanned tool downtime; maximising throughput/yield; and providing reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) by servicing equipment when necessary.

    In Summary:

    • Predictive fault detection for proactive prevention of unplanned downtime
    • Single machines to many hundreds on one network
    • Remote monitoring options


  • Our History


    When F.D. Edwards began manufacturing vacuum equipment in 1939, he made a commitment to technical innovation that remains solidly at the heart of what we do today.

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