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    Large Hadron Collider can be world's biggest rain meter.

    The LHC is not just the world's most powerful particle accelerator, it could also be its biggest rain meter, scientists say.

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    A science center fit for particle physicists and visitors alike.

    Once one of the main producers of gold in the world, the town of Lead, South Dakota, with its Homestake mine, is now the site of one of the most advanced experiments in particle physics ever undertaken.

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    New two-dimensional 'borophene' sheet.

    The boron sheets were grown on a single-crystal of Ag(111) in high vacuum using direct evaporation of pure boron.

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    Inkjet process to print flexible touchscreens cost-efficiently.

    Conductive coatings with TCOs are usually applied by means of high vacuum techniques such as sputtering.

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    18th April 2016 Forthcoming Projects Peer Review Panel (PPRP) meeting.

    The proposal is being reviewed as follows: An automated machine prototype for vacuum chamber inner wall laser treatment for e-cloud mitigation This project seeks to migrate successful proof of concept stage to develop an engineered prototype capable of undertaking the optimised treatment of sections the inner wall of the beam vacuum chamber in high intensity particle accelerators to achieve required levels of electron cloud mitigation, surface resistivity and vacuum cleanliness.

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    New method of detecting gravitational waves will bring them closer.

    The detectors use powerful lasers to measure vibrations of mirrors suspended four kilometres apart at the ends of huge vacuum pipes.

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    $100-Million Plan Will Send Probes to the Nearest Star.

    Each pinging photon of light would impart a slight momentum to the sail and its cargo; in the microgravity vacuum of space, the torrent of photons unleashed by a gigawatt-class laser would rapidly push a nanocraft to relativistic speeds.

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    18th April 2016 Forthcoming Projects Peer Review Panel (PPRP) meeting - Science and Technology Facilities Council.

    The proposal is being reviewed as follows:18th April 2016 09.30 - 11.30 LESS: An automated machine prototype for vacuum chamber inner wall laser treatment for e-cloud mitigation.

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